Thursday, September 29, 2011

End of the week

Well this week was the best week Audrey's had health wise since June. I have to believe things are starting to stabilize now. Her only new thing is a milk allergy. This is pretty unfortunate as between her food allergies, dysphagia and being 2 year old, I have no idea what to feed her! Somehow it's the worst feeling as a mom to not be able to feed your baby. Her doctor wants to start a special formula which makes me sad. She's never had formula before. I thought we did so well with her as a newborn exclusively breastfeeding and now here she is 2 years old and they want to give her formula. I know it's not the end of the world it just makes me feel like we're going backwards.

Otherwise this week Jacob was sick with the flu. Poor little guy was quarantined to his bedroom for 2 days as we couldn't risk Audrey getting sick. He was a trooper though and really understood why he had to stay in his room. He's a great big brother! Lucky for him he's better in time for the annual Bike Rodeo with his boy scout troop this weekend. Looking forward to this weekend and hoping it will be uneventful...too bad it's going to be so warm, we are definitely ready for the cool fall weather!

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