Sunday, October 2, 2011

She looks great!

I'm so happy we finally made it through one week without any health setbacks! We're still dealing with the food allergy mess but other than that all is well. When she looks like this I can almost believe this is all just a horrible mistake and my little girl is as perfect on the inside as she is on the outside. This belief doesn't last long as soon enough I have to give her 6 syringes of medicine or put her oxygen on her or massage her muscles which ache but it does give me hope that she could "get better" and won't always have to struggle with this invisible, awful disease.

Yesterday we all went to walk with Jacob's school in the local parade. It was a really nice day and Audrey loved all the balloons, horses, and marching bands. After she took a nap we met up with some cousins and she had a blast playing with them. After all that excitement she was exhausted but we managed to keep her awake until 8 so she could eat something before bed. We found out she LOVES Happy Feet! She is a musical girl for sure and had a lot of fun dancing and singing to all the music. I can't wait until she turns 3 and we can put her in dance classes! It was a great weekend though seeing her laugh and giggle and feeling good.

This week she has an altitude test scheduled on Tuesday. They plan on putting her in this pressurized room and decreasing the oxygen to see how she responds. The normal response would be to increase your respiratory rate to compensate. They think Audrey will not be able to increase her rate enough to compensate. The test is supposed to be safe and is done all the time but of course I am nervous about it. On Friday she starts her feeding therapy. So that's our busy week this week, I'm hoping this "healthy" tend keeps going!

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