Friday, April 13, 2012

A sick little girl

We are in the midst of her 4th big illness in the past 8 weeks. Each one lasts a little longer and she gets a little sicker with fewer "well" days between bugs. Today we spent 4 hours at the doctors office. We went to be sure she doesn't have pneumonia. It's day 7 of being ill and she's not looking better. Last night her ear started draining so I knew we needed more ear drops for that. In the morining she started vomiting so I hooked up her venting bag. Its much better if that can keep it all contained! By the time we got to the doctor her venting bag had 200 mls of pedialyte and bile! Her rate is only 35ml/hr so this was the whole days worth! Come to think of it, I hadn't changed a diaper all day. Well a couple X-rays, some labs and they think she may have a little bit of an ileus brought on by her nasty cold and ear infections. So after 4 hours of holding her and carting her around my arms are cramping and she is tired and crabby. Now we are home with our fingers crossed that we can stay here! I cringe when the doctor says "oh you're an NP, I'm comfortable sending her home then." I wish doctors would remember that when I'm sitting in the room with my screaming 2 year old I'm a mom way before a medical professional. So now on top of all of her other medications she has eye drops for pink eye, ear drops for an ear infection, antibiotics because the ear infection is really bad, albuterol nebulizer and to top it all off she got mag citrate and an enema to hopefully get her tummy working. I'm crying right along with her :( I really hope and pray she starts feeling better soon!

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  1. Hi Elsa - I'm so glad you started this blog; it helps to know what's going on in more detail, although it is heart breaking as well. I know how hard it is not to be able to feed your little one. It is awful for a mom and made me freak out almost more than anything when Toby couldn't/wouldn't eat. I can only say we are hoping and praying this turns a positive corner soon. I wish there was more we could do!! Please don't hesitate to ask. See you soon.
    - Aunt Brenda and family