Thursday, April 26, 2012

Admission #3

For the third time in 9 months Audrey has been admitted into the hospital. I hope it is just a strange coincidence that she is here every three months and not a sad prediction of our future. This time we are here because she continues to not tolerate her feedings. It has been over 2 weeks since she was on formula. She is losing more weight each day and today she is so weak she cannot even sit up. I am glad that we came in yesterday, I would be much more panicked today at home if I had found her so weak.

I find myself struggling with the inpatient speed. We have been here for almost 24 hours and we've spoken to many different doctors who are going to contact the other doctors we've spoken to to determine a plan. In the meantime the only thing that has happened is she has an IV with fluids running. I know things run differently here and I know nobody has the sense of urgency that I have. It is my little girl laying here too weak to play. I will remind myself to have a little patience, but not too much as someone needs to advocate for her!

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